A quick note to let you know that I took the dogs to their new vet last week, and the first thing she did was look at their teeth and you know what she said? She said, "My God, her teeth look excellent! That's amazing. Do you brush them?" and I told her all about how you taught me how to brush teeth and do nails and everything and she said, "Well, good. You wouldn't believe how some people neglect teeth and nails. It's heartbreaking-- especially with these guys" You'd have been proud, I think. Also? I felt really proud. I do it because I love them and it matters. Sigh...contentment. - A Petty

Tia taught both of our family dogs to accept teeth brushing, something we didn't think would be possible. Their teeth are now pearly white. No more stinky kisses and no more bleeding gums! She also helped us teach our unruly dog to walk politely on lead. Walking Bella has never been a greater pleasure!
- H Hankins

I have been cleaning both dogs' teeth and my goodness you did an AMAZING job. - V. Sharp


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